Retropie doesn't boot with 64GB micro SDHC card

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    I’m running retropie with a 8 GB SD card, but I’ve quickly found out as I was setting up more and more game collections that I’m running out of space.
    So I have a 64 GB micro SDHC class 10 card lying around and I thought to myself that I could you that with an adapter.

    I copied the image from the SD card to the micro SD card and inserted it into my PI.
    When I plug in the power nothing happens.

    So I thought that it could be that it had something to do with the predefined size of the image so I downloaded retropie 2.3 again and wrote the image to the micro SDHC.
    Again inserted it into the PI and same thing happens when I plug in the power – nothing. Black screen.

    Any ideas?



    can you get it to boot vanilla raspbian?



    I realize this isn’t all that helpful but, I recently upgraded to a 64GB Micro SDHC class 10 card after filling my 32GB card and had no issues…



    @bobbyt How did you format your card?



    I’ve tried to write the Rasbian image to the same card. Same thing.
    As a side note I have not formatted the card. I thought that was done when the image was written to it. Could try to run SDFormatter on it first and format it as exFAT, then write the image.
    Right now it shows as FAT in windows.



    I did a straight FAT format… The format size of the card doesn’t really matter, as it stars with a FAT format, which after imaging becomes a small FAT partition (/boot/) and a larger Linus partition.

    Once you boot up with the card you can expand the image to occupy all unused disk space…

    To be honest when I did it I never thought twice about the limitations of the FAT format. I just erased the card, imaged it and expanded the main partition once I booted up with it…



    So I’ve tried another micro SDHC card. A smaller card. 8 GB.
    That worked so I guess that the 64 GB card that I have is not supported by RPI.

    So I’ve proven that I can get a micro SDHC to work with retropie I just need a supported card. I’ll have a look at and buy one that is marked as OK in this list.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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