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    So Im all done with my 3.0 setup and its great. One thing I love to do is just load up a game and let it run while Im doing other things.

    Question: Is there any kind of mode where I can have the system run Random games from my list of Mame/FBA games? I was hoping it could load 1 play it for 2 minutes and if no buttons are pressed continue on to another game.

    I apologize if this has been asked before.




    Excellent idea! I’d love this option as well!



    That would be great. I was wondering similar things to. Perhaps instead of it going dim or black when idle it could scroll through random box art or play a video. Something a bit jazzy is always a plus if you’re proud of your work and want to show boat it off a bit. Especially if you’ve built a nice little cabinet for it and want it on in the corner to temp people over.



    There might be a way to implement a script for when ES goes into “screensaver mode” instead of going dim.

    I just messaged HerbFargus to get him in here and see if it can be done.



    This is something that would need to be coded into emulationstation.

    It can be done but its doubtful we’ll get to it anytime soon especially since emulationstation development is pretty much at a standstill for the time being- anything with emulationstation is best done upstream but if aloshi never picks it back up then we’ll have to look at integrating things on retropie’s branch.

    if you want that type of setup you may be better off with the likes of hyperspin or recalbox (if that’s even part of recalbox- I wouldn’t know)

    There also may be a way to script it but I haven’t the foggiest on how to implement it.



    Thanks for looking into it. Just a suggestion. RetroPie has gone so well I doubt I even try Hyperspin unless I make a second cabinet.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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