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    first of all sorry for my english.

    I have installed retropie in osmc and it is working ok but just one thing is not “working”. When I am in a rom, I can not come back to the RETROPIE menu, I have to restart my raspberry pi 2.

    I have read that this “come back” is by pressing START + SELECT in the xbox wireless controller (previously configures, of course) but does nothing in my case.

    I also have configured my keyboard with the xbox-360-pad key-mapping. I have selected key ‘9’ for START and key ‘0’ for SELECT, but the same result.

    Any idea?




    You have to set up hotkeys in your controller config file. You should add the following lines:

    input_enable_hotkey_btn = “0”
    input_exit_emulator_btn = “9”

    This would exit the emulator when you press start while holding down select. If preferred you can change either value to any other button you would rather use.



    ok, I will try

    how can I access and edit this file?



    path found


    I have edited the file retroarch.cfg

    #Hotkeys- Hotkeys enable you to press a combination of buttons to do such things as exit emulators, save states,
    # and load states, as well as any other functionality in an emulator. (In the example below 8 is the select key
    # and 9 is the start key so when I hold down select and press start it will exit the emulator.)
    input_enable_hotkey_btn = 8
    input_exit_emulator_btn = 9

    I attach the full cfg file.

    Unfortunately still not working


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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