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    Hey everyone,

    firstly thanks to everyone that writes information on this website. It has helped me so much.


    I need some help with my Ipac 2 set up.

    I have installed my roms and emulators and have completed all required updates through the use of the command prompt. My first step was to set up my Ipac2 to the MAME emulator. I entered a game and utilising my keyboard pressed tab.
    I then mapped out all the controllers with my Ipac2. This proved that I was getting the correct signal from the Ipac2 into the game.
    However when I start to play everything works except my player 2 buttons. The coin 2 and start 2 work but not the main buttons. I have been on this for stage for ages and can not get player 2 working. I was under the impression that with MAME i wouldn’t need to change anything in the .cfg file. ( or am I wrong?)

    Basically my goal is to have player 1 and 2 working for all my emulators ( Which is all the main ones we love) as well as have the option to utilise PS3 controllers working with PS1 – which I got working.:)

    I have tried almost everything on the internet with changing the .cfg files and never had any luck. So if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it. I will commence building my automated table which will have a screen on a linear actuator and rotating giro. I am an electrical & electronic engineer so I can assist with anything on that level for power designs if anyone needs the help.

    Thanks for reading my life story and would appreciate some help.

    Note: I have attached 2 photos of my design. This was just a mock up to check sizing and decal quality. So I will be commencing with my table now 🙂




    check out this page – seems like a similar issue?

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