Retroarch cheats or savegame importing?

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    Howdy all!

    I want to get some of my games, mainly PSX titles, 100% completed. Tekken 3, for example, is a popular multiplayer game choice but I’ve clocked this game at least 5 times and don’t want to have to do it again to unlock all the characters 😀

    So, I need to be able to either:

    -Enable cheats in Retroarch
    I’ve seen some posts that advise using Cwcheats cheatspops.db file. I’ve tried this, as well as assigning it as the default cheat database via retroarch.cfg, but it doesn’t do anything.

    -Import save files
    Unfortunately I can’t find anything that will convert existing memory card files online to the .SRM format that retroarch uses. Any tips?












    i think that the .srm is a savestate. I would just like to know where it saves the memory cards or hoe to enable the 2nd memory card.



    I’d forgotten about this!

    I’ve learned a lot about this process now.

    The .SRM files are the Memory Card files (at least in the case of PSX games). One .SRM file is created for each game, which means that you can’t access saved game files created for different games.

    There aren’t any external tools to edit .SRM files, but you can rename them to a .MCR file and edit them that way. There’s a tool called MemCardRex that can import save files.

    So, to get my completed Tekken 3 save:
    1. Copy the tekken 3.srm file from the PSX folder to your PC.
    2. Rename the file to tekken 3.mcr.
    3. Download a save file (just Google it!)
    4. Open the tekken 3 .mcr file in MemCardRex.
    5. (Optional, depending on the game) Delete any existing save file
    5. Right click an empty slot and select Import Save…
    6. Select your downloaded save file.
    7. Save.
    8. Rename the file back to a .srm file.
    9. Place the .srm file back into the PSX folder on your Retropie.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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