retroarch.cfg after "–config" in command line not working

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    Hi there!

    I need some help to get those retroarch.cfg files working. It seems that the command “–config path/to/retroarch.cfg” in the command line of retroarch in the configfile es_systems.cfg is totally ignored.

    I did this:
    First of all I did a fresh installment of the Retropie-Script. I installed the emulators source-based.
    Everything went fine. After the install a first test results in a working environment.
    After that I tried to get my usb gamepad working. The setup of the buttons when starting emulationstation succeeded. So the usb gamepad is working. Then I used retroarch_joyconfig to write the button config to the retroarch.cfg installed in /home/pi/RetroPie/configs/all.
    I looked up those entries in the config-file. There were appended to the end of the file.
    After restarting emulationstation and testing a rom pressing a button on my gamepad had no effect.
    So I started messing around with the configfile. The result: Every change I did an the config file is totally ignored.
    Then I looked up the corresponing entrie in es_systems.cfg: The path after “–config” is correct. I tried copying the retroarch.cfg file to /home/pi/test.cfg and set this path after “-config” in the command line, but this had no effect, too.
    I tried to change the rom-path in the command line in order to see whether the whole command line is working or not. After changing the path to the roms, the roms did not show up in the selection screen after starting emulationstation. Conclusion: The command line does work.
    So I followed some advices I have found in the internet and copied retroarch.cfg to ~/.retroarch.cfg
    And this resulted in a working gamepad. Changes in this configfile did take effect!

    So, ok, I have now a working environment. But I cannot use the configfiles at a location where the developer want them to be or other users have.
    What am I doing wrong? Why is the configfile specified in the commandline is ignored?

    Thanks for your advice!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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