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    I have connected my arcade controls to the GPIO pins using the adafruit retrogame utility, so I have them mapped as keys (for example q-a-o-p and enter).

    Now I am trying to have working fuse-spectrum emulator.

    The problem is that every spectrum game has its own options menu keys (non redefinibles), game keys (sometimes you can redefine them but sometimes no)…

    I think the perfect solution is a program which remap my q-a-o-p-enter keys to the needed in every single game. you can make a .sh script for every game and remap the keys to the needed in this game.

    Does this program exist?



    Any idea?

    Perhaps it could be done by modifying the file where the regional configurtion of the keyboard is, make a file for every single game, change to it before the game starts and go back to the normal one after exiting the game.

    But I do not know which is that file, where it is and how to change it…



    Well, I have got the remaps with the command loadkeys and creating a keymap for every single game.

    The problem is that every time I launch a game I need to load the game keymap before and after exiting load the normal keymap, so I need to launch the games with a .sh script.

    I made the scripts, but they does not work because of

    May I modify the way to launch the fuse games i es_systems.cfg to remove or is there any other way to work with scripts?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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