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    I am currently running a Pi2 with a PS3 wireless bluetooth controller. I’d like to place the Pi behind the TV and leave it on 24×7. Is there a way to automatically reconnect the PS3 controller automatically after the controller has been turned off and turned back on? I’d prefer to not have to connect a keyboard and enter the terminal to reassociate. Any thoughts?



    You can set up the sixad controller manager to run at boot with the following command:

    sudo update-rc.d sixad defaults



    Thanks dudleydes for your response, but that doesn’t appear to work.

    I can connect the controller when the system turns on, but if I turn the controller off and then back on (while leaving the Pi on) it will not reconnect. Like I said I’d like to leave the Pi on and Turn on/off the controller when not in use.



    I think the problem is the hciconfig isn’t staying in an “UP RUNNING PSCAN” mode. If you type hciconfig after you initially pair your controller, what do you seen? If you aren’t seeing PSCAN, you won’t be able to reconnect your controller. I had to fight with this problem. What worked for me was adding a couple lines to /etc/rc.local before ‘exit 0’ to keep the PSCAN up and running

    hciconfig hci0 up
    hciconfig hci0 piscan
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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