[RCA] Black lines on the Sprites in NES / SNES

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    You can see the effect of some black lines on the sprite of the enemy next to Megaman in the attached image. i wish i know the name of this problem… in that way i can find some solution by myself.

    this just happen on RCA, on HDMI the image (where we should see those lines) the HDMI driver (i think) handled the situation in a better way (camouflages better the problem)

    This can be reproduced: RCA connection + a game with several sprites (3+ maybe) aligned

    i try change configuration on Retroarch, GPU memory 128/256/384, filters, If someone know how to deal with this please help me



    Try using one of the different snes emulators. You can change this by changing es_systems.cfg. See if the problem persists.



    It was the FHD TV….. I dont know if it only this TV. But i try the rca connection on another RCT TV and worked…

    Its a old reply but maybe it could be useful for another guy.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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