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    Ahoi folks!

    Before i start i have some infos for you!

    – I never did woodwork before. This was the first time I have used
    tools like the jigsaw. So it is not perfect.

    – I used a tutorial from instructables.com (from user rolfbox) and
    put not really a massive amount of time in it. (Without waiting
    for the parts the working time was about 1-2 Days.)

    – The paint job is not the best, but this was my first time ever
    with spray-cans.

    Ok, here are a few pics and a list of parts and costs. The Marquee is not finished (I have to wait for the plexiglas.)

    Part List & Prices:

    MDF-Wood – 16 Euro
    Raspberry – 10 Euro (got it cheap from a friend.)
    17-Inch TFT Monitor – 5 Euro from a yard sale
    4 Lead Extension with Fuse – Was lying around. (You get them from 5 Euro up)
    Raspberry Heatsinks – 3 Euro
    Wlan Stick – 8 Euro (Was flying around here for months.)
    Ultracabs XinMo 2 Player Joysticks + 18 Buttons + USB Shield – about 60 Euro
    HDMI-VGA Adapter – 10 Euro on Amazon
    Spraycans (Grey Primer and Metallic Red) – about 20 Euro
    Woodglue – (Since i do a lot of papercrafting i had 20 pounds lying around.)
    Marquee-Plexi Glas cost 4 Euro at a local plexi-glass trader. I have to wait about 2 days. (GNARRRGH!)
    LED Light Strip 10 Euro from Amazon
    Total cost about 145 Euro. (Thats really acceptable!)

    Here are some pics:
    Front View Controls
    Cabinet in Action (Tekken3)
    Side View
    Inside the Case

    To Do:
    Install Marquee & LED Light Strips
    Install Gamepad Holder behind Marquee (I plan to make the marquee like a door to store two SNES Controllers behind. So that you can flip it up and insert or take out the controllers. I already made 2 SNES Wireless Controllers a few months ago.)
    Cabinet-Grafics: It will not stay only red, but the decoration comes at last. 🙂

    Iam open for suggestions and feedback!



    awsome! thats a real great start!



    Thank you very much! 😀



    Awesome job, care to share build plans?

    Thank you!



    Sure Andrea! I followed a instructables tutorial, here is the link:




    Thank you 😉 and keep up the nice work!…also keep us posted on progress.



    I just improvised a marquee yesterday.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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