raspberry pi locks up with gert vga

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    I’ve got my gert vga666 installed and working on my raspy b+ but it locks up after about 5 seconds on the default retropie splash screen (which means I can’t see any error messages). at the point the screen goes blank and it’s unresponsive to ping/ssh, etc.

    any suggestions on how I can pull error codes or remove the config settings for further troubleshooting? the last time it did this I had to reflash the sd card and start from scratch.




    Is it worth trying hdmi mode = 1 here: (in config.txt)

    You could probably do this remotely even if the screen freezes as it should have network facility by that point?

    RetroPie help guides --> https://goo.gl/Yfy8kj
    Please read this before asking for help --> http://goo.gl/eLErnl



    not sure. i can try. i also need to make a backup image with all of the updates applied before i switch over and test the vga device. that’s been the biggest time suck so far.

    i guess ultimately i’m still scratching my head why the intial boot sequence is displayed perfectly with the official raspberry pi logo up top, the retropie boot screen displays, and THEN the screen goes blank and the pi locks up.

    what could possibly be loading at that point that would be an issue?

    before installing the vga software i expand the file system, run rpi-update, all of the apt-get updates/upgrades, overclock to turbo, and split memory at 384 – all of which works fine with the default hdmi.



    is there anything enabled by default in the vanilla retropie 2.3 image trying to access the GPIO for controllers, etc?

    per the vga666 installation: “Don’t forget that the dt-blob.bin will disable all GPIOs 2-21 for any other use.”



    You could probably do this remotely even if the screen freezes as it should have network facility by that point?

    does not. blinky lights on the NIC, but no registered address on my router and no activity lights on the board (just power indicator). it literally locks up and has to be hard rebooted, reflashed, etc because I can’t get to a point where I can edit config.txt and remove the dt-blob.bin.



    fixed, though not sure which setting made it work. I did a fresh image flash, updated everything, and disabled emulationstation auto-start, and splash screen. I also left the memory split at 256 and only overclocked with the high setting.

    successful boot to prompt. so I re-enabled emulation station and rebooted.

    successful boot to emulationstation. so I re-enabled splash screen and rebooted.

    successful boot at 1080p over VGA and I have scanlines. so I’m loading up my roms and then making an image backup before I do any further tinkering.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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