Raspberry Pi 2 Not Booting?

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    Computer Ninja

    So I downloaded the version 2.6 RetroPie to use with my new Pi 2. I get the power LED light but nothing else. I don’t get an activity light on the LAN port. I am new to this whole scene after getting a Raspberry Pi Model B+ last month for my birthday, which works fine. When the Model 2 came out, I got excited and ordered it.

    I also tried the Micro-SD card from my Model B+ Raspberry Pi and the same thing happens.

    Am I missing something here? Am I supposed to do something to a brand new Raspberry Pi before I try to use RetroPie 2.6 or any other OS?



    There could be a few factors at work here:
    -Your HDMI cable isn’t working (I had this with my TV which requires a specific quality of cable to work)
    -Your power supply may not provide enough voltage/amperage to run the Pi. Try a different one. Note that when running, the Pi will also show a rainbow-coloured square in the top right corner of the screen if it does not have enough power to run properly.
    -The software hasn’t been written properly to the SD card.


    Computer Ninja

    Thanks, I’ll try the power supply as I’m only using the Micro USB cable to get the power I need.

    HDMI cable works fine as it works just fine with my Model B+ Raspberry Pi. Remember, I have all this working just fine and dandy on the Model B+. Although, I didn’t try the RetroPie 2.6 installation on the Model B+. But that’s not really my issue.



    There are two versions of the 2.6 image. one for the raspberry pi B+ and one for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. You’re probably smarter than me but just in case you made the same mistake I did- this is the sd image that works for the Pi 2



    Computer Ninja

    I hope I’m smarter, but I guess I’ll need to double check and see if I snagged the wrong image. I can also test the image I think is for the Model 2 and try it on my Model B+ and see what happens.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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