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    Hi all

    I have installed RetroPie and have had several days of amazing trouble free gaming until I started to add PSX and Sega CD and roms. I had previously tested the PSX and Sega CD games as they were added and they worked fine (I obviously added the appropriate BIOS files as per github.com). Part way through adding them I noticed that ES started to freeze even when left in the GUI. At this point I tried searching for online guidance but couldn’t find anything that mentioned my specific problem. After a few hours of trying to isolate the issue I decided to try a fresh install of of RetroPie in case I had altered something in error.

    This time I added everything that I wanted in terms of roms and scraped for game metadata using the scraper noted below and manually added missing information. This everything worked fine at first then ES started to freeze again intermittently in the gui, when leaving Sega CD games, or when selecting FBA, Sega CD or Playstation emulators from the main ES Menu (without actually entering the emulator game list screen) usually within 1-2 minutes of ES booting up. With every screen freeze I am able to reboot the Pi using Magic Sysrq (Alt+SysRq+B). I had a feeling that the Sega CD files were causing the problem so removed them all – now ES works fine in all the installed emulators and has not crashed/frozen in several hours. I have double checked all my Sega CD roms on my desktop pc using Fusion 3.64 and they all work fine but as soon as I add any of them again the random freezing starts again.

    I have tried the altering memory split, lowering the over clock, swapping out peripherals, changing bios etc but nothing seems to help.

    Any assistance that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!


    Pi Model 2
    RetroPie Version v3.0beta2-rpi2
    Built from SD Image
    USB devices: Pi compatible usb Wifi Aadapter, MS Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver, Keysonic KSK-3201RF wireless keyboard
    Controller: Xbox 360 Wireless
    Power Supply: Mains 5v 2000mA for Raspberry Pi2

    Guides Used:
    RetroPie Setup guide-
    Guide to fix flashing xbox controller-

    Floobs walkthrough for sselph ‘s command line scraper-

    TechTipsta’s guid to PSX Emulation-



    TLDR sorry, but delete all your scraped images/data. this was a huge problem for me for quite a while since i have tons of systems on mine. hopefully that helps. the ONLY solution that works for me anyways.



    Yeah sorry for long post wasn’t sure what was causing problem so wanted to include as much info as possible.

    Already sorted thanks, 11 scraped systems and no crashes now 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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