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    After extracting many of my PSX 7z files, the games have multiple .bin files along with one .cue file. Is there a way to merge the files?



    No need, load the .cue.
    Multiple bins are for multiple tracks e.g. audio.



    Ok, but do I still have to bring all the bins for one game into the rom folder? If I don’t, won’t the game be missing those audio tracks? Plus with all those bin files they would show up in the psx menu wouldn’t they?

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    All my .img and .bin / multi-.bins have a corresponding .cue file in the roms/psx folder then I’ve changed the PSX EXTENSION line in /home/pi/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg:

    DESCNAME=Sony Playstation 1
    #EXTENSION=.img .IMG .7z .7Z .pbp .PBP .bin .BIN

    It’s better to dump them in a multitrack .img though with a .cue from the PSX CD rather than a multi-.bin as some games may not work correctly in the emulator.



    So some of my psx roms are just one .bin and have no .cue file, so if I change the extension to .cue in es_systems.cfg, then those single bin roms won’t show up. Can I make my own cue files? Eg. copy another cue file and just rename it to correspond with a bin rom?



    Nevermind I’m stupid…I just changed the .bin to .cue and it worked fine…it just took a little longer for emulationstation to load the rom as a cue.



    Difficult to make a proper corresponding .CUE from just a .BIN.
    .CUE’s should look like the following for example:

    FILE "Crash Bandicoot 3 - Warped (SCES-01420).bin" BINARY
      TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
        INDEX 01 00:00:00
      REM LEAD-OUT 32:34:12

    which instruct the software as to the layout of the disc image, number of tracks, where the tracks live, how long they are, how to read it.



    Well, multi-track CUE/BINs don’t work in ePSXe so the original question still needs an answer; how to (easily and correctly) convert them to single file .iso. I can mount the image and rip it as an .iso – but this doesn’t result in a 100% image.


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    well, you could always mount the .cue file, then use Imgburn to re-rip it into a single set of cue/bin.

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