PSX FinalFantasy 7 sound lags

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    Hi Folks

    I have a Raspberry Pi b+ and all works fine.
    Only FinalFantasy 7 lagging the sound. Its not so dramatic but its not so cool after some houers.
    The Gameplay works good, thats not lagging. Only the sound.

    i try to tune the Raspberry whit the Turbo mode. But they makes no diffrent.
    Can i try another sound driver or somthing?

    what can i do?

    Thx a lot!

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    Aside from overclocking your Pi, you could upgrade to a Pi 2

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    I have the Pi2 and I’m also experiencing audio hitches. I had this on my Pi1 as well, so I have a few ideas.

    The best thing to do is to edit Retroarch.CFG in the PSX config directory.
    I’m going to test:
    -Audio-frame sync
    -Changing resolution
    -Changing audio output rate
    -Changing audio driver

    You can also try adjusting the Memory split and dedicating a bit more RAM to the CPU.

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    IMHO retroarch pcsx reArmed is way slowly than the standalone pcsx reArmed rev. I tested FF7, it runs really good, constant 59.9 – 60.0 fps, no hitch or crackling audio.

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    @neighbourhood nerd
    Thank you! I change the settings in the /boot/config.txt settings and splitt the memory. My first Setting was gpu_mem=384 it works but i have Lags in sound and gameplay of the PSX Games. Now, i try to give more memory. The maximum i can give for the Raspberry Pi b+ was 448 but to much! The Games dosent start any more!Also 415 is to much, the Games become more Lags then at the beginning.

    Now i try gpu_mem=408 and the sound in MetalslugX is wonderfull! Also the Gameplay, i have no Lags!
    In FanalFantasy7 was the gameplay also wunderfull! The sound is much better! Not Perfect near to be perfect:)
    I try to tweak the retroarch.cfg now. Maybe i can get the maximum out!

    Here My config:(/boot/config.txt)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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