PSX bin files zipped or not?

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    I got approx 30 PSX iso’s in unzipped .bin format on my SD card.

    Is it possible to zip these iso’s, or is the Pi 2 too limited to be able to unzip a 650mb file before starting the emulation?

    And I guess it would take quite some time to start a PSX game this way…



    You can do a check: Zip a bin (see how much time it cost) and then “unzip” and count again the time.

    This time is the time that you will be waiting.

    But if you tipically only play to one game, you can do some approaches: DraStic emulator (Nintendo DS Emulator for Android) have the option to keep a uncrompressed cache, that is, they uncompress the game that you play an keep it uncompressed: if you play again it don’t need to uncompress again, if you play other game it removes the previous game an uncompress the new. So if you play 2 times the same game the second doesn’t need the uncompression.

    But Nintendo DS are smaller (< 100 MB) than PSX images (easy > 250 MB)



    Of course I could check the unzip time myself, but I’m curious what others have experienced (that’s why we have a forum).
    Most PSX files are around 650MB uncompressed (full CD), but some only 35MB when compressed, so that’s a lot of waste imo.

    Anyway, I’ll check it.



    It seems it doesn’t support compressed files, or I’m doing something wrong…



    By default it supports these extensions for PSX

    <extension>.bin .cue .cbn .img .m3u .mdf .pbp .toc .z .znx .BIN .CUE .CBN .IMG .M3U .MDF .PBP .TOC .Z .ZNX</extension>

    RetroPie help guides -->
    Please read this before asking for help -->



    I wonder what would happen if you added .zip and .ZIP to that list?



    PBP is compressed format (EBOOT). They work fine. You’ll need a tool like ‘PSX2PSP’ to compress CUE/BIN to PBP format. (And it keeps all Redbook Audio Tracks).



    Thanks Windale, will try that!



    PBP’s work great! Thank you for the head’s up!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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