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    Hello all,

    This is my first post so go easy on me. I need help with figuring out how to use my InterAct arcade controller for the PS1 with the Raspberry Pi.

    Here is a picture of the controller:
    PS1 Arcade Controller

    Now the issue I have is that I don’t believe I can just take the PS connector apart and use those wires because the pinouts are per button.

    PS Controller Pinouts

    And I don’t think I can just use the data line because it probably has special code specific to the Playstation.

    Note that I also am trying to do this without spending any more money on the project so please don’t suggest using the USB adapter which I have seen online and also that the pi and the controller are going to be mounted in a single box together so I don’t need long wires or anything fancy.

    My guess for the solution would be to open up the controller itself and wire each button (switch) to the Raspberry Pi directly following one of these two pinouts.

    Link 1
    Link 2

    So please any advice you guys have on whether this would work or if this is the right/wrong way to tackle this would be great.

    Also, I am trying to get this done before next weekend as my brother is visiting from across the country and I would like to showcase it to him. Even if I don’t have the controller and Pi in a nice box.

    Thanks in advance to any help you give,



    Shame no one replied to this….So I’ll tell you what i did with my ps1 controller very very similar to the one you’re using. I spent ages looking into how to wire it in,out and shake it all about….Then i gave up and bought a £1:99 adaptor from eBay that was plug and play ps1 to usb. Worked so nicely i bought another adaptor exactly the same and another joystick to match the one i had. Job done. I know you didn’t want to spend money but £1:99 is next to nothing and it was free postage(it arrived the very next day too, which i was amazed at)

    Here is a link so you can see what i bought.

    You may not live in the UK but im sure where ever you are it’s got to be cheaper as the UK tend to charge a fortune for everything.



    You are going to need some sort of interface to go between the controller and your Pie. You will need to connect your buttons either to a device like a “teensy” controller that can map the button presses as a HID (human interface device) or use them so they can connect to the GPIO pins on the pie. In this case it will be a long drawn out process. I think that if you are looking to keep the integrity of the controller together, then using the USB adapter is the way to go.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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