PS3 USB controller not detected.

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    So up untill last night everything was running fine, I was using my PS3 controller via bluetooth and had no issues whatsoever.

    The battery on the controller was running low so I decided to charge it up via my PC(note that my PC doesn’t have a bluetooth connection), unplugged the pi and went to bed.

    Now today I plugged back in the pi and noticed my controller wasn’t connecting on either BT or USB and I have no idea what caused this. At first I thought it might be a faulty USB connection, but when I plug it in the first light on the controller turns on.

    I decided to reinstall the entire pi only to find out the problem still persists. I did all the updating, tried all the USB ports and tried a different cable, nothing seems to want to connect the controller anymore.
    I have a working PS4 controller, however I prefer to use the ps3 one since it (used to) connect via BT and the other doesn’t.

    I hope I someone can help me figure out what is causing this.

    edit: It seems that it’s currently only working when I have no other controller plugged in after a reboot, however, it only works while it stays connected. If I disconnect (or reboot for that matter) it stops working.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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