PS1/PSX – Change Disk – Still not solved!

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    Hi folks,

    well, here it comes:

    When I google, I find dozens of pages with people looking for help for this specific problem.
    Nobody seems to be able to change the discs with retroarch properly.
    I wonder, why there are not more threads about this.

    What has happened to this? Like 2 years later and no solution.
    Key bindings don’t work, Disc options in the menu doesn’t even show up. Core Disk options is there but can’t be entered.

    There are not even proper documentations online about the correct binding values / variables.

    I’m currently playing Parasite Eve and I’m at a point where I can’t save (I have several save states, though) to the memory card. Then the 2nd disc is coming up.
    I’m not able to append any discs.
    Would be very glad if we could solve this!

    As I’ve seen on various videos, on other platforms, this seems to have been solved. When I’m in the RA-Menu (F1), as said before, I don’t have a Disc Menu.

    Thanks for any help or suggestion.



    Best way for PSX Multidisc games

    Are you using the retropie 3 rc1 image?



    I saw that entry. But that’s REALLY not the way I want to go with this. I’d have to convert my whole collection and I hate the PBP format (sometimes you’re not able to reconvert it back to CUE/BIN/ISO).

    Right now, I’m updating the RetroPie to 3.x, I had an older version on it.
    I hope the Disc append / Change Option will be there.



    There are some extensive changes in the rgui menu with the newest version. Floob made a good video on saving configs that may be useful to you.



    Somewhat odd to post that something isn’t fixed if you haven’t even tried the latest release. Please update to 3.0rc1 or wait for the final 3.0 which is due very soon, and test on that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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