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    Hello everyone,

    Sorry for my English. Please Help Me.

    I am finalizing my arcade..the last step.. but i’m blocked

    My configuration=> Raspberry B + Ipac2 + Retropie

    Whenever I configure the inputs of Ipac2, I still the same error => “Script Error [A]” (when i want to save the mapping)

    I tried everything … all buttons … and always the same answer

    Do you have a solution?

    Thank you a lot for your answers




    Had this problem once. You need to download winpac and reprogram your ipac to use different buttons. basically the ipac mimics a keyboard. reprogram it with winmac to use letter keys. leave the arrow keys alone though. They seem to work fine. Also, when you are done with this. Go to startx and in the RetroPie folder go to configs folder, then ALL folder, Open retroarch.cfg using leafpad and scroll down to where it shows keyboard input. Uncomment those lines by taking out the “#”. Also, you can add a second player by copying all those input lines and pasting them below. Then just change player_1 to player_2. delete all the default keyboard keys in the file and use your controller to enter in the keys you want. Hope this helps. and dont make the mistake of thinking you are almost done. I have been feeling that way for a month.



    Thanx a lot Man!!! It works!!!
    Good explication…. You’re my winner!! Thanx for your time.




    I only have MAME working perfectly with the Ipac2, I cannot figure how to remap all the emulators. Does anyone know how this should be done?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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