Problem with DukeNukem 3D and SEGA 32x

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    1) I put a ROM into the /sega32x folder and it shows up, but when clicking the ROM, it looks like it’s about to run, then it goes back to emulation station. Is this a known bug? (my files extension is *.32x). I even tried different settings in the config menu but without success.

    2) While i can use my gamepad’s arrow keys in Duke Nukem, i cannot use my buttons. Any ideas? (torid wireless gamepad grabbed as an XBOXcontroller by the system..). I remember that in previous retropie’s version, i didn’t have any problem with the game..

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    with 1), if you try again, have a look in /tmp/runcommand.log and paste the contents here? that file logs the last error, which is useful for when things just don’t start!

    not sure about 2)

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    Which ROM?… I have found a ROM or two that cause problems. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but does the 32X need any BIOS files?

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    All of my roms. I also have the bios file (according to this

    Edit: Here is my /tmp/runcommand.log file

    rc: /opt/retropie/configs/all/dgenrc: No such file or directory
    video: 640×461, 16 bpp (2 Bpp), 60Hz
    sound: 44100Hz, 2048 samples, buffer: 31712 bytes
    joystick: 1 joystick(s) found
    joystick #0:, 6 axes, 11 button(s), 1 hat(s), name: “Microsoft X-Box 360 pad”

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    I had this issue with 32x.

    I had downloaded a rom set and all the rom file names contained a #

    I removed the hash from the rom file name and they loaded.

    It’s worth checking.

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    rc: /opt/retropie/configs/all/dgenrc: No such file or directory

    So i guess this must be the problem. How do i create it? What kind of file is it? cfg?

    micah1880 i removed the # but still same problem..

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    When you start your 32x game you can press x to change emulator to “lr-picodrive”.
    This is the default emulator, so I guess you changed it.

    To fix the error you are getting with dgen, try editing this file

    in that you can change

    then create the file in there with
    cp /opt/retropie/configs/megadrive/dgenrc /opt/retropie/configs/sega32x/dgenrc

    RetroPie help guides -->
    Please read this before asking for help -->

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    The bug has now been fixed in retropie if you reinstall dgen, but I wouldn’t recommend this emulator really over picodrive – as it isn’t retroarch based so may need manual configuration for controls etc (Unless you need it due to a picodrive compatibility issue)

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    Oh Thanks! it worked.. The only problem is that lr-picodrive is VERY DEMANDING i suppose (have sound glitches and low speed) even if i have a medium overclock in my rpi1. Does it need more pwer to run or is it a known core stability bug?

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    Lack of processing power. It performs better with a rpi2

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    Any thoughts about my second problem? (IN DukeNukem 3D while i can use my d-pad i cannot use my buttons)

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