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    Hi there !

    Oke so I am facing a problem with my setup. I am at the point where both my ps3 controllers are connecting correctly(I think)

    So when I start I get the Welcome screen where I have to setup my controller, after doing this it keeps comming up after a reboot, so I have to do it everytime I restart. Well, when I continue and try to play a snes game the controller doesnt work…

    So I would love ifsomeone could explain to me how to setup my 2 ps3 controllers correctly trough bluetooth.



    Hmm I can’t edit my first post or am I missing something ?

    Ah well I wanted to add that I got the controllers working following this guide



    Configuring your controllers for Emulation Station, the front end that lets you pick games, does not configure your controllers for the various emulators.

    I wrote a step-by-step guide just recently since I deployed RetroPie, perhaps it can help you.



    Thanks for the link ! 😀 Gonna try some stuff now ^^

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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