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    Hey all,

    I’ve been tinkering around with Pi for a couple weeks now, and I have made a lot of progress, but have come across a little blip — I am wondering if any of you can provide me with a tutorial, some configs, or any advice to prioritize certain remote configs over others. I have a Buffalo USB controller (for SNES), a Retro NES controller for NES, and two Logitechs (an F310 and older Logitech remote which I am not sure of the model) which I want to use for games like N64/PSX/Sega.

    Often times I will find myself using the Logitech remote for NES games as opposed to the more intense systems. One caveat to using this remote is that I have to switch the Circle and Square buttons for better NES gameplay (it is much easier to play NES with the PSX remote if the Square PSX button is used as the “B” button in NES with the X button being used as the “A” NES button).

    So all good, I switch around the keys and my remote is fine… but what I have been trying to do today is alter my /nes/retroarch.cfg and put the key config for my desired NES gameplay in there, while keeping the Generic-Xboxcontroller.cfg the same. Unfortunately the /nes/retroarch.cfg does not override the Generic-Xboxcontroller.cfg (this may be the wrong filename). It uses the controls for the Generic-Xboxcontroller.cfg always. Is there a way to make the NES emulator realize that the Logitech controllers are plugged in and force the NES emulator to use /nes/RetroArch.CFG and not Generic-Xboxcontroller.cfg?

    Sorry if this post isn’t too coherent.



    Is there a way to force EmulationStation/NES Emulator to refer to a “Generic-XboxpadNES.cfg” (which I would create) when RetroPie plays an NES game? That way for every other instance it would use the Generic-Xboxpad.cfg?



    Hi, if you have a retroarch.cfg in the respective emulator directory in /configs/ it *should* override the default retroarch.cfg in /configs/all/

    Is this not the case?

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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