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    Introducing the NesBerryPi-Portable,

    yup thats right PORTABLE…

    it all started last sunday (3/23/14) i woke up and tore apart (carefully) this lcd monitor

    and started poking around the circuit board in search of 5 volts.
    shortly after i found it and cut the plug to my powered usb hub, soldered it onto the monitors circuit at the 5v spot i found, plugged it in and crossed my fingers. when i turned on the monitor the red led on the usb hub came on and no smoke followed. then came the moment of truth, grab the raspberry pi, minu usb, hdmi, wireless keyboard/mouse and plug it all up.
    it worked like a champ. so now i have a battery powered monitor and raspberry pi, what can i do with it??? i look over and see a spare nes controller laying out from playing the night before and remember the broken nes stuffed in a closet on top of two broken ps3s and next top 5 rrod 360s (no joke) so i began gutting the nes until the shell remained i kept the power/reset switches and the controller ports.

    (damn this escalated quickly hahaha)

    i knew the screen had to be fitted into the top half of the nes so i searched the house for some tools.
    i found a power drill and a hand saw (the little thin blade kind) a few hours later i had a not to shatty job well done. i soldered two external usb female ports to two of the powered usb ports.
    i then cut a small square of plexiglass to the size of the lcd panel and fired up the hot glue gun. i drilled a few holes soldered some wires and then it was time to sleep.

    ill finish this post with more pics/videos/info tomorrow after work because its time to sleep again…
    To Be Continued…



    Nice work mate 🙂

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    thank you sir. I’ll add more to my post later today so keep an eye out for updates.



    That is badass!



    thanks dude I’m glad y’all like it.



    sup everyone,

    i have not forgot about you i have been really busy since the original post.
    i plan on doing a full wright up on this thing but have been working out some minor problems and would like to wait until i resolve them. but here are a couple pics, enjoy (sorry about the crap quality)

    NESBerryPiPortable playing DK classic

    Original controller ports

    rear charger port and rear usb ports 2x

    i will be back with more soon.

    Here is the video of me n my son johnathan at the park playing the portable NES.

    Ill be back with more. let me know what you guys/and or/chicks think

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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