PRBoom problems with Retropie but not with apt install

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    Problems with PrBoom on retropie, although it works, the screen graphics are a mess, with vertical lines and what looks like noise pixels over much of the image. Although these noise pixels are not random because they stay with an object wherever that object is on the screen.

    If I do a screen shot the image is fine, and if I run it on an HDMI TV it is also fine.

    I would think it is the monitor but most other stuff (including duke3d) works ok.

    I also did a separate install of PRBoom using apt-get and that works fine too.

    So in what is the difference. I already tried all of the config.txt settings suggested for HDMI problems. ( I’m using a DVI-D monitor)



    You’re lucky you’ve got either one working at all. 🙁

    Could you perhaps run me through exactly how you got it working? Starting from an SD Card loaded with the 1.8.1 RetroPie image?

    At the ES Menu, if I try to launch either one, it just reverts back to the ES Menu.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.



    Well first you need to get some doom wad files, these are not included in retropie.
    They need to be copied to RetroPie/roms/doom. then when you run emulationstation you can select the doom wad you want to run and it should work.(don’t select the prdoom thats already there, it doesn’t do anything).

    The easiest way to get the roms copied onto the pi is to insert a blank formatted usb memory stick into the pi usb with emulationstation running. It will create a rom folder on the usb stick, with sub directories for all emulators.
    Remove the stick and plug it into a pc, where you can copy the wads ( or any other game roms ) to the appropriate folder. plug the usb back into the pi and it will automatically copy the roms to the correct folders for you.



    Just saw your other post, so I guess you already know about the wad files.
    So here is something you could try, this is what I do to troubleshoot.

    Get the raspbian wheezy image
    and write it to a new sd card. then you can use this to test emulators independently,
    for prboom
    sudo apt-get install prboom
    mkdir doom
    cd doom

    copy the doom.wad file to the doom directory you just created
    make sure your working directory is doom.
    type prboom

    You may want to download putty to access the pi from a pc, it makes it easier and you have access to the command line when ES is running



    Thanks, will give that a try. I’m currently using a Netgear Router and Cyberduck to access my Pi from a PC, but I’ll give Putty a try as well.

    Will it be a similar process to install eduke32?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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