PPSSPP Updated to 1.1

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    i’ve seen ppsspp has been updated to 1.1 here :

    is this any good news for pi users? I’m not sure if the linux version has been given the 1.1 treatment yet so i wont try to build it on the pi right now.

    has there been any updates on ppsspp being on retropie? now that we have the ds emulator in experimental.

    thank you 🙂



    I’m not seeing anything on their websites for how much power it needs to run. I’m guessing the pi isn’t powerful enough for it, but if you can get it installed from their github (where everything is 1.1, but you have to install from source) here: https://github.com/hrydgard/ppsspp

    If you can get it running it would be awesome! Please give it a try and let us know.



    it’s running on the pi 2:

    i’m not sure about the 1.1 version. there’s some stuff on the raspberry pi forums.



    Please. Compile it and make a guide for us, or at least link to a guide already up. The guys on Retropie are busy on other things in improving this for us all, so making it easier for them is always appreciated!
    I’m unfortunately overencumbered with projects to do it myself currently, or else I’d do it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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