Play Music in Retropie Front-End?

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    Is it possible to play sound files (wav,mp3) in the frontend, where i can switch the emulators? When yes: How i can do that?where i have to put files in an how i can call them?



    I do have a work around to get music if you have an IOS device using Airplay. This will allow you to play iTunes from iphone in game.

    In game custom music with AirPlay

    Shairport\Airplay install
    sudo apt-get install git libao-dev libssl-dev libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl libio-socket-inet6-perl libwww-perl avahi-utils libmodule-build-perl
    Let this process run for a little while. When it’s complete, we need to install an update so Shairport will work with iOS 6 (you can skip this step if you’re not on or plan to upgrade iOS 6)
    iOS module
    git clone perl-net-sdp
    cd perl-net-sdp
    perl Build.PL
    sudo ./Build
    sudo ./Build test
    sudo ./Build install
    cd ..
    Shairport install. from your home directory:
    git clone
    cd shairport
    run Shairport:
    ./ -a NickMooreRetroConsole
    The command starts Shairport named “NickMooreRetroConsole” (change it to whatever you want)
    load on boot:
    cd shairport
    make install
    cp shairport.init.sample /etc/init.d/shairport
    cd /etc/init.d
    chmod a+x shairport
    update-rc.d shairport defaults
    add Shairport as a launch item
    sudo nano shairport
    This loads up Shairport file we need to edit. Look through the file for the “DAEMON_ARGS” line, and change it so it looks like this:
    DAEMON_ARGS=”-w $PIDFILE -a NickMooreRetroConsole”
    Save the file (Ctrl+X), and you’re all set. Shairport should launch on startup.

    You could also use Pandora via SSH but not a big fan of that… as you have to manually start an SSH session…

    You will want to overclock to med setting..

    for other ideas and more info check out:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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