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    Hello, recently I’ve been really interested in using RetroPie to make a truly portable emulation device to bring on bus and car rides, put in a backpack, etc. I’m also trying to keep the price down as much as possible. So far I have the price figured out to be around $70 – $42 for the RPi itself and $20-30 for a backup battery charger (the kind that are charged before use and don’t need to be plugged into a wall while they’re charging something). The screen has been the sore point – everything is monstrously expensive, even at tiny resolutions. I’ve been planning to use my phone as a display. There are guides on how to achieve this using VNC servers (this was the most helpful (link)), but I had my doubts that this would work on RetroPie.

    Can anyone share their solutions? I’d rather not spend $15 on something like this screen (link) because, while cheap, I don’t think it would work without some soldering, and I do not have access to a soldering iron nor the knowledge to achieve something like that. If it doesn’t need soldering or extra parts, great – but then the question becomes powering it.

    EDIT: I think using my phone is out of the question. VNC is apparently too slow for gaming. This screen (link) appears to be a wonderful solution, as it’s cheap and connects snugly to the RPi. However, it doesn’t quite work out-of-the-box, and apparently requires a micro SD card image. I have an 8gb micro SD card, which should be plenty, but, again, I’m not sure about the compatibility between RetroPie and this. Part of this is I don’t know a thing about SD card images. Opinions?

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