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    I have just posted about whether it is possible to completely replace boot loader text with the splash


    I also said this

    Also my splash screen has a low colour range. Which kind of sucks. But does anyone know what that pallet is so i can optimise for it?

    I’m working on a theme which I will upload when ready (soon) but as a teaser I’ve attached the splash screen as it stands right now. The theme is dark and simple. I would make it even more simple if I could get more access to EM files.

    Then I realised I have other questions about theming

    Some things I want to be able to do:

    1. (As said) Replace the boot loader text with a splash image for a cleaner load. All that text means nothing to me.

    2. Change the EM loading splash. I wish to use my dark theme version, as linked bellow, but replace the pie with EM’s logo. When the RetroPie logo is revealed I will probably replace the RP2 logo with that. I understand EM may not want us doing this but I will respect your wishes to have your logo treated properly and displayed on load.

    3. Extending on from the last one; I would like to be able to theme the interface dialogues. Just colour swaps at least will be fine.

    4. Also being able to edit the system select page.

    5. I only want to use Mame for my setup, but I have found for ROM compatibility reasons I use Mame and AdvMame. I would like to have EM boot directly into the games list page. So turn off the system select page.

    6. Merge the two Mame game lists. Apart from the games in them they are indistinguishable from one another.

    This might be slightly off topic but is relevant

    How do I take screenshots? Is there a terminal command that will wait set amount of time and then take screenshot? Allowing me to enter terminal, activate and then reload EM and wait for the screenshot. I can do this in Mac OS X and is handy for screens hotting the login screen.

    My theme named – Pitch

    I’m designing a dark simple theme. I will upload version 1.0 of this theme soon. As soon as I can get screenshots without photographing my display I will. Feel free to use the splash screen which I have attached bellow. It will be included with my theme when I’m ready to upload.



    Ok, I decided to offer some photo’s as poor as they are. I would really like to do some in system screenshots still. Not just to share but to assess the work. My display is old and the picture is warn.

    – Amendment –
    In the center photo you can see a no image placeholder I did with the ES logo in it. Also the images are all custom to fit the size of the area since the scraped ones are smaller it tends to look a bit rubbish.



    Nice theme, dude!
    Download link???



    Ahh yes. I’ve been so busy I forgot. I haven’t worked don this simple theme for some time. I’ll get it up now. I just need to check in on the export thing to make it easier for you and I’ll pout it up. Now is a good time so you got lucky. nThanks for the reminder. I’ll attach a zip for my boot image as well of those that care to use my theme.



    I have to say, EmulationStation… providing a html,css environment would be awesome!

    I need to add that I haven’t tested this above v3 beta 2 yet… busy. Will do soon. Had a quick use of the updates and all appeared to be ok as far as I saw. Let me know if there are any issues.



    Ok Attached theme as version 1. and the startup screen to match. Let me know of issues and ideas. I have just added them in zips.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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