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    I’ve asked on Reddit and I’ve asked on the Raspberry Pi forum’s gaming section, but no luck!

    I switched to using PiSNES with my RetroPie set up. Initially I had the issue some people have had, where there is no .cfg included with the sd-card image. So I updated PiSNES from source, problem solved.

    I tested out PiSNES and obviously the controls, whilst they worked, didn’t match up to the actual keys. A was B, etc etc. So I pulled the .cfg to my PC, rewrote it to match the correct key bindings and replaced the old .cfg.

    Despite this, PiSNES won’t read my .cfg file. It still uses the default keybindings. I’ve rewritten it numerous times to make sure its actually overwritten the old file, I’ve rebooted several times to be sure its reloaded etc. No luck!

    I’m using a generic usb SNES controller. From memory they were recognised as “DragonRise Inc. Gamepad” when I was playing around in terminal.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m frustrated as hell and don’t really want to go back to RetroArch for SNES…



    Have you tried editing the cfg via a SFTP connection? Try using a program called WinSCP and remotely logging in to the Pi. Also make sure no n of the buttons are duplicated in the cfg when editing. Good luck!



    I’ve done all my edits via SFTP.

    I’ll double check for duplicates but I don’t recall there being any. Might also try doing the .cfg via sudo nano.



    No luck. Any other suggestions guys?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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