PiSNES buttons assigned don't work; PocketSNES music garbling mess

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    Unfortuately, the default SNES emulator (PocketSNES I believe?) that ships with RetroPie is very inaccurate. What I mean by inaccurate is the music is…flat. Music, in my opinion, is the “soul” of a video game (gameplay is the “heart”) so it ticks me off that PocketSNES is inaccurate AND is default for RetroPie. Urks me to no end.

    I’m happy to say that I’ve switched to PiSNES from PocketSNES. I’ve configured the snes9x.cfg file to my controller’s liking but the A button, the B button, Start, Select, etc. don’t work. Would the RetroPie Setup script help?

    PocketSNES is a music flattening mess. However, If I do keep PocketSNES, what sound configuration would help resolve that issue I’m having? Sound configuration? Configuring ALSA? Switching internal sound outputs (ALSA to SDL)?

    If your curious, the controller I’m using is a PS3 controller USB (wired), the sound output I’m using is ALSA at 44100hz and the RetroPie version is the lastest and greatest, v2.4 beta.

    I’m trying out new things and I will keep this post or future posts updated. Things are going to change.

    No idea what the problem is and very much like some help. Thank you in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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