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    Is it possible to set up game specific control settings? I’m looking for a way to have PiFBA use it’s default config file for most games but load an alternative config whenever a 6-button game is loaded. Is this possible?

    This would also be great for Mega Drive emulators, as I’d prefer 6 button pad support for everything but the few games that can’t use them.



    So from what I’ve read elsewhere it may be possible to get what I want. First I need to switch from what I think is the default FBA emulator – PiFBA – to the retroarch compatible one – PiFBA libretro.

    Since these use different romsets some work will be required to fix the roms but that’s generally simple, if not quick.

    Once that’s done I need to use per game overrides to force certain games to use alternative button mapping. (http://blog.andressm.org/new-retroarch-features-2/)

    How do I switch from PiFBA to FBA-libretro?



    If you are running retropie 3.0 you can press js0 or any button onna keyboard as your ROM loads and you can switch the default emulator from there.



    That seems to have worked, since roms rthat worked fine before are now no longer playable. I noticed that there’s a menu option for specific ra configs for that game too so I’ll have a tinker with that and post here if I have any issues.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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