piFBA + PS3 controller + D-PAD

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    Hello everyone !

    Any idea on how to replace axis with d-pad on a ps3 controller with pifba ?
    I’m pretty sure it is possible since they said something about d-pad (hat) support for joystick in last changelog.
    I found some topic talking about changing axis to 4/5 instead of 0/1 and disabling axis at startup for xboxdrv but it didn’t help (i managed to do the same by editing my sixad profile).

    pifba changelog :
    October 02, 2013:
    Added DPAD (HAT) controls support for joysticks.

    Sorry for my bad english.



    I know this is a very old thread but I’m having similar issues with FBA and a Dualshock 4.

    From what I can gather the changelog notes below mean that the d-pad should always work with PiFBA. This is seperate from the joystick axis setup in the fba2x.cfg file.

    Is it possible to simply disable the JA_LR and JA_UD axis variables in the fba2x.cfg file? I’ve tried commenting them out but it seems if they aren’t there it defaults to 0/1.



    i used this and it works perfectly




    Sorry if I’m being a little dense, but would any part of that also apply to the DS4 pad?

    I assume you’re referring to the section that reads “You can now configure d-pad per button (in case sdl does not detect the hat on the controller) so it adds the ps3 d-pad control on all games” but unfortunately my issue is a little different to this. The hat is detected fine, but it’s input is interfered with input from analogue sticks that also register input.



    Switching back to the PS3 pad I’m also having trouble getting the dpad working but can’t see where the problem is. My config file is this: link. Why won’t the dpad work?



    you finally got it?? barbudreadmon or windjammersfan?? I try to configure controls of pifba with analog & d-pad now but I cant do this!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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