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    sorry for my bad english first!
    I searched but not found how to change the resolution of the Neogeo game!
    Neogeo games launch in a little windows not in large screen like nes emulator.
    Somebody can help me?



    hi wartotal,

    let me share with you my piFBA config file. It works nicely and as bonus you’ll get my settings for a xbox 360 controller if by any luck you’re using this controller.

    You have to put this file into your piFBA directory, which should be:


    The most important section is at the bottom of the file:

    # Display Effect: 0 none, 1 scanlines

    hope this helps.

    1. fba2x.zip


    it doesn’t work same config like your.
    look at my fba’s log file:

    Attempt to initialise 'Metal Slug - super vehicle-001'
    Screen Size: 320 x 224
    201-c1.bin   ... 4096Kb graphics  (OK)
    201-c2.bin   ... 4096Kb graphics  (OK)
    201-c3.bin   ... 4096Kb graphics  (OK)
    201-c4.bin   ... 4096Kb graphics  (OK)
    sfix.sfx     ...  128Kb BIOS  graphics  (not found)
    201-s1.bin   ...  128Kb graphics  (OK)
    201-p1.bin   ... 2048Kb program  (OK)
    201-m1.bin   ...  128Kb program  (OK)
    201-v1.bin   ... 4096Kb sound  (OK)
    201-v2.bin   ... 4096Kb sound  (OK)
    asia-s3.rom  ...  128Kb BIOS  program  (OK)
    sm1.sm1      ...  128Kb BIOS  program  (OK)
    000-lo.lo    ...   64Kb BIOS  (OK)
    Lets go!
    ALSA: Period size: 736 frames
    ALSA: Buffer size: 2940 frames
    ALSA: Period size: 2944 bytes
    ALSA: Buffer size: 11760 bytes
    Finished emulating
    ---- Shutdown Finalburn Alpha plus ----
    ALSA: FIFO Underrun: 0
    ALSA: FIFO Overrun: 0
    ALSA: Snd Underrun 0

    I found that in the readme file :

      -i, --rompath=PATH         Tell gngeo where your roms are
          --sound                Enable sound
          --showfps              Show FPS at startup
          --sleepidle            Sleep when idle
          --screen320            Use 320x224 output screen (instead304x224)
          --system=...           Set the system to home, arcade or unibios
          --scale=X              Scale the resolution by X
          --samplerate=RATE      Set the sample rate to RATE
      -t, --transpack=Transpack  Use the specified transparency pack
      -v, --version              Show version and exit
          --z80clock=x           Overclock the Z80 by x% (-x% for underclk)

    But i don’t konw the file i have to modify with the screen option

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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