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    Dearest RetroPie team!

    I love my RetroPie setup! My personal mission (now that I have save/load hotkeys configured) is to play all the Super Mario games beginning to end while recording the whole event 🙂

    I need help with the latter component of this challenge….

    I am running RetroPie 2 alongside OSMC on an RPi2 with a 32GB SD card. I also have a NAS box on my LAN.

    There seem to be some outdated explanations as to how to record games. I am hoping someone will clearly describe how one can start and stop recording of game to file either on the Pi or NAS server.

    Many thanks with much anticipation.



    Only way I know of is a capture card.



    I was hoping to hear something about how to configure ffmpeg and Retroarch to allow for video dumping….




    I’ve messed with it but never come up with anything that worked, but I’d be interested in hearing of a solution if you figure it out.

    likelihood though if you are able to get it to work, the processing of the pi is unlikely to be enough for you record while playing- it will probably end up being too laggy.



    As herbfargus says, usually best (and easiest!) way is to use a capture card.

    This gives a pointer to trying with RetroArch though if you want to try it

    So basically starting it from the CLI (not an option in RGUI)
    More info here:

    RetroPie help guides --> https://goo.gl/Yfy8kj
    Please read this before asking for help --> http://goo.gl/eLErnl



    Many thanks for the reply Floob…

    As mentioned above, I am running RetroPie alongside OSMC (Debian Jessie), which complicated matters — largely as I am no Linux expert! :/

    If I were to ssh into the RPi as I start the game what commands would you recommend? — The example in your first link refers to a windows setting…

    Thanks for helping a noob…



    Its essentially the -r flag, so you would type something like

    retroarch -r (path to write the file to)

    actually – go into a emulators.cfg file and just add an -r in that and specify the rom.
    Shout if you want help with that.

    RetroPie help guides --> https://goo.gl/Yfy8kj
    Please read this before asking for help --> http://goo.gl/eLErnl



    Hi everyone.
    I’m new in RetroPie and I’m not expert of Linux…

    I use Raspberry Pi 2 B for RetroPie with 32Gb microSD card.
    RetroPie version is 3.3 (Last at that moment I think)

    I use this guide for build ffmpeg, enable ffmpeg in this script

    PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/ffmpeg/lib/pkgconfig ./configure --prefix="$md_inst" "${params[@]}"

    and build retroarch.

    After these steps, in RGUI appeared Recording menu and I add

    video_gpu_record = true
    recording_output_directory = "/home/pi/RetroPie/videos"
    recording_config_directory = "/opt/retropie/configs/all"

    in /…/all/retroarch.cfg file and add directories for output files and create cfg file from guide.

    But I’m still don’t understand how record video. I tride play with retroarch.cfg but it has not given effect.

    I would like to try it from CLI, but…
    -bash: retroarch: command not found

    P.S. Very sorry about my English. )=

    Sup bro?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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