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    Hi! I just registered here and am trying to get a grasp on a lot of new ideas.

    I’m fairly new to Linux, but I’d like to try RetroPie. I just ordered a Raspberry Pi B+, a compatible micro SD card, a case and some heat sinks. I just need to figure out the power supply and the controllers.

    My current thoughts are either something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Generation-SlimTalk-CarbonPak-PowerPak-Universal/dp/B00IJKG9R6/

    Would this likely be enough to run the Pi and two wired XBOX 360, PS2 or wired PS3 controllers along with a keyboard?

    Also, I have some concerns about leaving the Pi on all the time (mostly because I’m worried about my daughter accidentally turning off the power by accident). What would a good way to shut down when I’m done and start back up when I play? Or is there something I can do to leave it on but make sure it is in a “safe” state for shutting off unexpectedly?

    Any thoughts are appreciated!



    I was under the impression your typical phone charger, micro USB, power supply would be enough to support Xbox controllers (someone definitely correct me if I’m wrong here; my receiver’s in the mail).

    WRT your concerns about keeping it on all the time; I’d suggest getting automated backups in place. Once you’ve finished configuring your environment to your liking, backup your SD card into an image. If your FS becomes corrupted this will be an easy install. It won’t cover all the progress that’s been made on your save games however. For this, I’ve created a step-by-step on how to setup automated nightly backups which will sync your save states with a google drive account. You can take a look, here:

    Automate Nightly Backups of your RetroPie Saves by Syncing to Google Drive from raspberry_pi

    I’ve also put together a DIY for the RetroPie setup, here.



    This is great, great information! Thank you!!



    I ended up getting this:

    and also:

    This has worked out really great so far. When I shut down the Pi I can easily then power it off and then back on using the physical switch.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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