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    The title says it all…

    Basically when I first boot up, if I exit ES I get the command line as expected and can do things…

    If I run ANY emulator within EmulationStation, then exit the emulator and exit EmulaitonStation, I get a solid black screen…

    The only way to get the command line back is to force restart the command line process.

    I verified the command line exists after exiting, as I’m able to type commands (without seeing any output), such as sudo shutdown -r now which successfully reboots the system…

    Anybody have any ideas on this? I’m guessing this is yet another one of those random bugs that pops up for seemingly no reason, and HOPEFULLY a restore will fix…



    I have the same behaviour atm. Press ALT+CTRL+F2. Close emulationstation with F4 and switch back to terminal one with ALT+CTRL+F1.



    I’ve determined conclusively that running:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    Is what started this problem. I have downgraded and saw the problem go away, upon upgrading again the problem returned.

    What I can tell is it appears to be tied to RetroArch emulators. BEFORE upgrading I would notice the command line after exiting an emulator, before ES reloads.

    I also notice the command line right after launching an emulator from ES (right before the emulator starts working).

    AFTER upgrading, I still see the command line after an emulator is launched, but the moment I exit an emulator the screen goes blank before kicking back to ES…

    It appears that the screen is being blacked out after exiting an emulator. That black-out persists after exiting EmulationStation…

    For the mite being I’ve restored a backup made pre apt-get upgrade and am working fine… This essentially appears to be a bug in RetroArch under the newest firmware for RPI, and as such should be fixed…



    I’ve been getting the same issue. Are you exiting ES using an escape key (like ESC on the keyboard)? I’ve found that if I try to quit to the command line using F4, I get the black screen bug, but if I exit through the menu it works. Does exiting from the menu cause the bug for you?



    I want to say both gave me a black screen, but I’m not 100% positive…

    I know I always got the black screen, and I usually used F4, but I thought I used the menu option a couple of times…

    I’m currently in a downgraded state so I can’t verify for sure….



    Did you ever figure this out? I am having the same issue. After upgrading. Is there a way to downgrade without a fresh install of my whole system?



    I have the same behavior going on with ES. Wondering how I can correct it myself. I am running 2.3 on a B+, if that helps.



    I only get a black screen when I have been in emulationstation and loaded up a game.

    If I enter emulationstation and exit without loading a game I don’t have the issue.

    Does anyone know the solution to the blackscreen problem?



    Is this the solution?

    Description of the issue:

    The ‘solution’?

    if so can someone explain me how it needs to be implemented? Not sure what to do.



    what version of retropie ?




Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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