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    Hi, I’m trying to install RetroPie on my Raspberry Pi B. I’m using a 4gb SDHC card. My controller is a NES/USB one from Amazon (forget the brand). I followed the intructions here:

    I’m having trouble in between the “sudo reboot” and “After that, all you need to do is add ROMs, either over SSH or a USB stick. See the RetroPie Wiki for more details” steps..

    On reboot, I’m back in Emulation Station. I select RetroPie. I’m greeted with a huge menu of lots of ways I can reconfigure it. I don’t see an option here for actually launching it. I tried the first option, it launches a configuration tool. I see more options for upgrading, recompiling, apt-get updating, and so forth. No way to launch. I get back into EmulationStation and poke around some more and give up. So here I am.

    How do I actually launch RetroPie? What am I missing?

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    Just copy the image with “Win32 Disk Imager” to your sd card . It’s so much faster and easier!

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    Sorry, I guess I wasn’t clear– that’s exactly what I did. I downloaded image retropie-v3.0rc1-rpi1.img and used win 32 disk imager to write it. It boots great. I get into EmulationStation, then am unable to launch RetroPie. I’m able to configure the hell out of it, as I have a full menu full of options.

    Only thing I can think of is that maybe my problem is my 2 button controller? Maybe when I hit “A” I’m selecting “config” and really I need to hit “X” to launch only I don’t have an “X”? I’m grasping at straws here but having trouble thinking of another reason why I’m unable to even launch the app when I’m using the official image.

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    My hypothesis was wrong.

    I got another controller, and copied ROMs into the appropriate directory. When I try to access RetroPie from the EmulationStation menu, I still just get a menu on how I can configure everything. No clue how you actually play a game. Seems like I’m doing something wrong.. it can’t be this hard to use right?

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    If you are trying to play a game, each emulator will show up as its own page in emulation station with the list of games you added. The retropie menu is just for configurations.

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    Sounds like you actually haven’t put any games onto it as herbfargus said. Emulators only show up when there are games there.

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