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    Hi Guys ! I installed Retropie on Raspbian succesfully ,but i cant get the normal Theme works !

    How i can fix it ?

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    anyone knows what to do ?

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    Is it just the background images that are white or do you have a blank white screen???

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    This happened to me too once..

    Didn’t know the solution so I just started from scratch… Reformatted SD and burnt the image again.

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    Have you installed roms for many different systems? If so you may run into a memory problem. Just decrease the amount of roms and see if this helps.

    Solution for this: Try the newest version of the Emulationstation theme:


    Within this theme the blurred background images were scaled down in size in order to fit more background images into the memory.

    In case you have not installed any roms:
    It looks like a memory problem anyway. Try to increase your memory split to 128/128 for a 256Mbyte Raspi or 256/256 for a 512 Mbyte Raspi.

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    Did you alter any of the XML files in the themes folder? I know when I was working on my custom themes any time I made an edit to an XML that it didn’t like, this is how it would look.

    Anything like missing images, or fonts, or folders, it would cause this to happen.

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    i fresh installed nothing modified or anything i also tried to reinstal the Theme but still looks like that ! I remove all Roms and load them from USB what is working fine ! Can you give me an screenshot how my theme folder need to look like ?
    I also increased the memory no difference !
    Thanks !

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    I had the same issue, you need to do what sunjammer said.

    Download the latest version of the Simple theme, and copy it to you Pi using WinSCP to the /etc/emulationstation/themes folder, so /etc/emulationstation/themes/simple

    reboot and it should then work 🙂

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    I updated the Retropie Binaries and it work !
    Thank you Guys !

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    yea this is the problem I have alot, I “break” the interface and I get white backgrounds. I know its a memory thing, I tryed changing to the 384 but that locked me out to white screen, I had to edit config back to 256… I look at the size of the “blurred” jpgs and thier HUGE. Ive been trying to get custom screens for each emulator but I break the intrerface. Im currently trying lower rez pics for blurred and other hoping I can get them in there withot breaking it.. ill post my results..

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