no roms detected in Advance mame 1.4

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    So I’ve tried just about everything and nothing. Advmame says it can’t find the files for the games..
    At first I thought it was my .106 romset so I re-downloaded it from a different source. Nothing.
    My setup loads roms from usb but I reinstalled 1.4 and installed roms to its default folder on my microsd.Nothing.
    Emulationstation sees the roms in the advmame menu so the rom location is correct.
    I’m not running chd’s.
    Retropie 3.3.1 wheezy (I’d try jessie but no root login through sftp..)
    My .106 romset works in advmame 1.4 in windows. Loads games with no problems.
    My other romsets in retropie load just fine, including mame2003



    Solved my own problem. It doesn’t like my roms because they are all in caps..

    In trying this emulator…it’s just not for me. It runs some games better but the resolutions are clearly meant for arcade monitors. Sound also cuts off. I’ll stick to lr-mame. Unless there’s non-lr versions? I’ve noticed lately lr versions of emulators are getting a bit slower.



    i think mame4all-pi is technically the fastest, but I’ve found lr-mame2003 runs almost everything full speed and has a much larger game list, so I use that.



    Well the way I go about it is, if a game runs really slow on fba(usually a non-cps/neogeo game), I then check if mame4all supports it. Usually it doesn’t or has some odd emulation problem so I then try 2003. Sometimes I get slowdowns in that as well but not as BAD as fba so I can tinker with resolution/render settings to get it to run..barely.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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