No MSX2 roms rules with emu

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    Hi to all

    I have spend lot of time with RetroPie 2.6, and I have a problen can´t resolve…

    MSX roms run ok, but it´s impossible to run any MSX2 ROMs…

    All my BIOS are correct and are in your correct dirs.

    Any idea???



    Have the same problem…

    For some reason it automatically starts in MSX1 mode, so the MSX2 games won’t work.
    I’ve opened every config file I could find, but nowhere is a link to the Bios files it loads.
    I also tried to remove “MSX.ROM”, so it would have to start the MSX2 rom, but that only resulted in an error.



    I know that the bluemsx emulator has core options

    so maybe I’ll try and compile it and see if it works- maybe I can come up with a scriptmodule that can be added to the setup script.

    with a little bit of coding to the source it is possible that it could run colecovision games as well…



    Here we are:

    If/when its added to the setup script you should be able to update your setup script and install it from the experimental section. If you don’t want to wait for it to be added you can install it manually.

    I’ve configured it to default to msx2 in the core options.

    I added an option for colecovision in the core options as well. Games run but I wasn’t able to figure out controller input so for now its basically useless.



    Found something…

    After starting the MSX emulator ones, there is a “retroarch-cores-options.cfg” file made in the OPT/retropie folder.
    In this file you can change fmsx-mode from “MSX” to “MSX2” or “MSX2+”.
    Now it starts the MSX2 roms. Only the MSX logo at the startup is a bit messed up, but that could be my (very) small TV setup.

    Won’t load DSK files for some reason ?



    I haven’t tested with dsk games yet. Out of curiosity if you’ve been able to get mx2 games to work with both bluemsx and fmsx, which would you say has better performance?



    I only tested with fMSX, I couldn’t get BlueMSX working (yet).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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