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    Hi Everyone
    Iv had retropie 3.4 up and running for about a week now and for the most part iv found everything fairly simple to get to grips with . The wiki and forum posts have been a godsend but I’m still having problems with a few things so I have a few questions.
    First I have psx games up and running using eboot.pbp roms and iv found that with the enhanced resolution settings enabled the games run slowly , is this normal and can it be improved?
    Second I’m having trouble getting amiga games running properly . For whatever reason the emulator is not recognising the kick.rom files I have placed in the bios folder. However if I put them in with the roms and select them as a custom kick then all works fine.
    And lastly I’m trying to get an 8bitdo nes30 pro pad to work. It pairs with the system but no matter what it will not work in es .iv gone through the wiki guide numerous times with no luck at all
    Thanks in advance to any of you that can help with some of this and sorry for the huge first post



    Forgot to mention. I’m using the 3.4 disk image on a pi2 over clocked with the pi 2 setting and memory split is at 512.

    Edit: so I’ve solved my psx performance issue and got amiga working properly but still having problems with the nes30 pro pad . I followed the guide to the letter but no way can I get the pad working in emulationstation , it’s recognised in retropie setup and I’ve triple checked the manual file edit I made. On restart it connects to the system but doesn’t show up as a new pad in emulationstation

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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