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    Hey guys,

    just recieved my Pi and installing retro pi image on it.

    But for the controller, ive dug up an old X Arcade dual stick unit. The problem is that its around 7 or 8 years old and as such, it only comes with a serial cable and a PS adapter..

    so first question can i use a ps2 to usb adapter to connect to the pi?

    second question: do i need to program it (and therefore need a ps2 keyboard to attach to x arcade stick

    Any help to this noob very much appreciated!




    NOTE: I am using the dual joystick version of xarcade, not the tank (with the trackball).

    I have been wrestling with a similar issue for the last couple of weeks. I was using a converted original xbox before I got my pi, and I tried to use the xbox adapter on the pi (the xbox adapter has both xbox style connectors coming out of it as well as usb connectors, both for connecting to your emulator machine).

    In a nutshell, the pi would *not* recognize the xarcade using the xbox adapter, and I suspect you will have the same issue. I bought my xarcade over the summer, so it has the PS/2 connector and the 9-din connector. I swapped out the xbox adapter for the 9-din – to – usb cord that was also provided with my purchase, and the retropie, upon reboot, immediately recognized the dual joystick as a gamepad. I also enabled the xarcade2joystick service in retropie, and I was finally able to configue the device.

    This may be what you have to do. If not, great, but this may save you a *lot* of time and confusion (and in my case, a near aneurysm from frustration).





    The old X-Arcade sticks with only the serial/PS2 adapters do work with the PS2 to USB adapter, *HOWEVER* you have to have a PS2 keyboard plugged into it (then it plugged into the adapter) for it to function… You also have the option of buying an upgrade kit for your stick (which is what I did on my first gen SOLO stick):

    X-Arcade Electronics USB Upgrade Kit

    Once you put that board in, it shows up as a USB keyboard that you can program without issue (or need for a separate keyboard)



    I went the DIY route with my X Arcade stick. I bought the parts, so the case, joysticks and buttonns from the X Arcade website. So no electronics. I gutted two wired xbox360 controllers and use those in place of the official X Arcade board.
    ^^ my other hobby



    finally got my serial to usb cable and about to start.. hope i dont have to remove my previous gamepad that i couldnt get working




    the store only had a female serial to USB cable. So i tried plugging that cable (without the intermediate cable) straight into xarcade unit and usb into the pi.

    No gamepad connected. do i need the intermediate cable ?

    btw i also enabled the xarcade service but still no dice..

    Im losing my mind! i hate being a noob



    ok it all looks to be powered up but the attached keyboard lights up on boot but pi doesnt recognise any keystrokes..

    its almost as if there isnt enough power as the lights on keyboard are very dim…

    Might need the upgrade kit from x arcade site

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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