Neo geo emulation in image 2.3

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    Hi guys, need help getting neo geo rooms to work on my RetroPie image 2.3. I have created the game rom folder and placed (game file) into the folder. I have placed a bios rom into the RetroPie rom folder.
    Now when I select the game from emulation station the screen goes black with a yellow bar, this does progress but at the end when it says bios it quits to terminal.
    Any pointers?



    You could try pressing F4 (exit emulation station) and check what the error message in the terminal is saying.

    What game is “”?



    I’m trying to run Street Fighter Alpha 3. Error is segmentation fault. Not at console now to try F4.
    Thanks for the reply.



    retropie 2.3 is no longer supported – please download the 2.6 image. thanks.



    Yes noted that the current revision had moved on in the last 14 days since I installed. If I update will my problems go away? Could you point me to the list of changes please buzz?



    in the downloads sections of this website there’s a change log and the image.



    Got some roms to work buy downloading a known working game rom pack and adding the neo geo bios to the game, bios and emulator folders. Some other roms work to but a bit hit and miss. New image of RetroPie has controller issues in the arcade Emulators, otherwise the same. Consider this closed.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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