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    So I am still new to RetroPie as well as the Raspberry Pi and I need help with a number of issues.

    1. How can I connect a PS3 controller as a secondary controller for when I want to play with someone else? (I am using a wireless Xbox 360 controller as my primary.)

    2. I’m having issues in many ROMS where the D-pad will not work properly in the menus. Is this an error in the ROM or is it fixable?

    3. None of the N64 ROMS work. Is there some way to get them to work?

    4. Some of the ROMS sounds are awful. Is there a way of fixing this or is it the ROM itself?

    5. When I exit a ROM, none of the buttons on my controller work unless I restart Emulation Station and re-calibrate my controller.

    6. When I start an emulation, it says that a bunch of ports are connected to my Xbox controller. I am assuming that this is because I calibrated my controller with RetroArch numerous times because I had messed up. How can I fix this? (Pictures that may help are attached)

    Please help! And if you could explain as simply as possible, that would be great! A video tutorial would be perfect!

    Thanks in advance!



    Floob has some great videos on configuring RetroPie and controllers in RetroPie



    He was actually helping me on a earlier post but I lost touch with him. A couple of his videos may help still though, thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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