N64 Emu Is Slow-Would Overclock CPU 1GHz Fix Speed?

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    I am running current RetroPie on a Raspberry Pi 2.
    I tried running some Nintendo N64 games but they are somewhat slow.
    Would overclocking the RPi2’s CPU from 900MHz to 1GHz fix this speed issue?
    Any other suggestions on how to improve N64 emulator speed on a RPi2?




    Did you try all the 3 cores? the gles version works quite well for me on some games like Mario Kart. Other games are slow, happens the same on my cellphone on android wich is more powerfull than the pi2 so i guess it’s a matter of the emu improving in the future.



    the none libretro mupen64plus emulator seems to be faster, and more compatible. like repuken2 says – the gles plugin for that is usually what you want.

    games are very variable, but stuff like mario 64, mario kart, should run full speed (MK is a bit choppy in 4 player sometimes) and look correct.



    I have a pi1 a+ and have built a handheld game emulator running emulation station. I had the system working well, until I set the overclock to turbo. I was trying to get mario kart 64 to run. It would start, then just go to a black screen. Well, anyhow, now when I boot the system, raspian loads and the screen is fine, but when the retro pi splash screen comes up, it freezes and shakes. Is there a way to avoid the retropi from starting, and go right to retropi config? Is there a keyboard process for this?



    Take the card out and manually edit the config.txt on the first partition on another machine. The overlocking settings can be disabled there.

    I doubt you will get usable n64 emulation on a rpi1.



    Is there any way to edit this inserted into a card slot on a pc, or do I need another pi system?



    Thanks Got it!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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