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    I installed RetroPie on top of my Raspbian Wheezy distribution (RPi2 with Noobs) and most emulators work like a charme. However the N64 emulator has some graphic problems and in most games it shows really distorted pictures and the operation in the menus is very slow. If you find your way through the broken menus to start the games, some games work, some games don’t, but most have graphic issues.
    Is this common? I tried overclocking the Pi, which didn’t really change anything and I set my gpu_mem_1024 to anywhere between 128 and 320 mb, but it didn’t help.
    Is there a driver which I need to update or do I need to kill any services started by the normal Raspbian distro?
    Additional hardware is a HiFiBerry DAC+ and I’m using HDMI and PS1 / PS4 controllers and Rii mini keyboards.

    Attached is a pic of the Mario Kart start sscreen.




    It’s a common issue. The pi just doesn’t quite cut it for n64 emulation.



    Okay, but that seems a little strange, because even ps1 works great. And how must the n64 have looked like on the RPi1 Oo

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    mario kart should work fine. what emulator are you running? most people get best results using the non-libretro version of mupen64plus + the gles64 plugin. you can choose it if you hit ‘x’ key when loading the rom.

    the libretro version of mupen64plus is out of date as far as i can tell, or at least set up weirdly. i’m not sure why it’s still the default in retropie – it’s awful!

    n64 is definitely a little ropey, but there’s a lot of games that work nearly perfectly. mario kart and f-zero are great in 4 player mode, even (some sound issues) 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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