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    Hi All,

    Thanks a bunch for everyone that’s contributed to this blog/forum and helped me out with my first Raspberry Pi project!

    My aim for this build was to have the SNES look as stock as possible: original, pads/ports, power switch, led etc. discrete ports on the back and some nice custom art (digital & physical).

    I put a good selection of games on and designed it as a ‘sealed’ system. By this I mean I could give this to someone and it would simply ‘work’.

    I have used the guides for overlays and other tweaks kindly provided by members of this forum more gifted than I, and I also hid any boot text. Any games that had issues or didn’t run perfect to almost perfect were ditched.

    Hope you guys like it.

    IMGUR album for my SUpi NINTENDO




    This looks excellent! Well done!

    Have you or are you planning on putting up some steps or a guide, etc? I was thinking about doing something similar to this but with a Raspberry Pi integrated into a keyboard to make a dedicated Amiga.




    Thanks Colin,

    To be honest, i’ve been doing it in my spare time over the the past few months and haven’t really kept a tally of everything. I would struggle a bit to make a guide now.

    The tricky part was getting the pad to work. Eventually I realised non-genuine snes pads (even if they’re not USB) dont all work. Had to use proper original ones. Theres a member on here called FLOOB who has some great youtube tutorials that got me through a lot of the tweaks.



    That is a really sharp build! I think it’s fantastic how unobtrusive it is 😀

    There's always one.



    Thanks Kane,

    That was my aim, to have something with very little hints to the fact it is a ‘Pi’ build.

    I have disabled all ES menu options apart from SNES (I actually wonder if I could disable menu items all together and boot straight into game list?)

    My fave’ things about this build is the standard DC socket on the back (no more rubbish micro usb connectors) so you can use a big amperage ‘wall wart’ plug and the fact it has a playable version of Star FOX 2 on it! In order to keep it looking stock I had to have a cart inserted and thought a custom label would be cool too. See JPG attached.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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