My portable handheld project I'm just starting out.

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    Hello, gang. I’m doing an updated version of the Super Game Pi found in the Adafruit Learning Center. While I think that project is awesome on its own, I think that it can be improved. So this is what I came up with.

    I’m replacing the analog joystick on the original Super Game Pi and giving it a d-pad because I really don’t see why I need a joystick to play retro games. Also, instead of cutting up a controller, I’m etching my own pcb boards for all the buttons and the d-pad. I also added Save/Load state buttons because with emulators that one is a plus.

    The case will be 3D printed at Shapeways, by the way.

    At the moment I’m just starting to receive the components. I got an Adafruit 5″ HDMI display with the TFP401 decoder chip as a backpack, some momentary switches for the L, R, Select, Start, Save, Load, and Home buttons, and the PowerBoost breakout board. Still waiting for the Raspberry Pi 2, the sound amp board, and lithium battery. For the d-pad and BAYX buttons I’ll use the elastomer from an old SNES controller I have.

    By the way, I’m modelling the case using Autodesk 123D Design, which is the most infuriating program ever conceived.

    More to come.



    This looks excellent! I’ll be keep an eye on your progress.

    Are you going to keep the HDMI port for use with a TV when desired?

    If not, you may be able to improve emulator performance by locking output to the resolution of your adafruit LCD 😉 You can do it in retroarch.cfg.



    No, I’m not going to have and HDMI output for TV. I’d rather keep the whole thing as a simple handheld device.

    Could you please explain how I lock the output to the resolution of my LCD? I’d love to do that if it would improve emulator performance.



    I think you can do that in config.txt actually, I know you can for hdmi output.
    ^^ my other hobby



    Cool! Not so sure about the positioning of the start and select button. Maybe place them in the middle underneath the display?



    I thought about placing them there, but decided not to. This device is kinda big, and to pause a game you would have to move your hand from the action buttons to the middle of the console. I decided to put them there for easy access.



    Also, the Super Game Pi 2 name has got to go. I was thinking of Super Pi BAYX (pronounced “bakes”).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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