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    I am wondering if any one else is having issues with mupenplus64. I keep getting video and audio lags while trying to play games. Has anyone come up with changes to resolve this? Please let me know if any files are needed. I am currently at work but will upload once i get home.



    You can try a diff video plugin or overclocking:

    But other than that it will be hit and miss. N64 emulation has always been problematic.



    Same problem here. Mupen64plus behaves way better than the libretro previous version, but it still lags. I even suspect the audio part is the the main cause of the lagging, but I don’t know how I could prove it.

    Somewhere I’ve read something about increasing the audio buffer, but in the config file in retropie 3.3 this audio buffer doesn’t appear to be there.



    The audio lagging is due to the emulator it self not the audio buffer on the pi. What I believe is happening is to get the games playable at a decent speed, the emulator is throwing the audio out of sync with the game. I am assuming it’s easier on the hardware if it’s not trying to keep the audio in-sync with the video. I noticed this with SanFrancisco rush, where there is about a 1 to 2 second delay on the audio. Other than that the game plays at full speed and works great. It’s a bit of a hack but it gets many games fully playable at great speed. Might can ask Gizmo, as he would probably better be able to explain what’s going on, but I don’t belive adjusting anything outside of the emulator would improve this. I got around 60 games that work great, either perfectly or close to it for N64. This is just how it is with N64 emulation on the PI, you really need more power to emulate N64 properly, but even on PC there are many games that don’t work or have issues still.



    Fastest is the gl2n64 plugin but it will only work on some games. (MK64)
    Second is the rice plugin which work on most games but it has some slowdowns in some games which I believe is due to the texture handling (see SSB yoshi map).
    Third is GlideN64 which essentially only run well with VGA resolution 640×480 or possibly up to 800×600 and is one of the most accurate plugins with very few glitches.

    Last but not least you really need a Pi2 overclocked to CPU/1GHz SDRAM/483MHz and GPU/500Mhz to get a reasonably smooth experience on most games.



    Fastest is completely game dependent…. Some plugins are faster on certain games than others….Sanfran Rush and Rush 2 have tons of slowdown on GL2n64 and Rice, and or lock up/freeze, but both run full speed with GlideN64 with minor issues.

    Here is the rom compatibility list that we have put together thus far.

    N64 Rom Compatibility List

    As Corn Noted, you shouldn’t really even try N64 Emu on Pi with out a Pi2.



    I will wait to see how this turns out, I just watched Floob’s YouTube video for the PI 3 with N64 and it still looks to have problems. I have time to wait and see what happens.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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